Company background

We started METTA ENGINEERING SDN. BHD. primarily as an Electrical Engineering company in year 2000 with the passion to improve the Quality of Life for Malaysian by having Safe, Quality & Well Maintained Electrical installations.

The word METTA comes from Sanskrit language which means Loving Kindness. We believe in having loving kindness as the fundamental in all our dealings with our Internal Customers & External Customers.

Today, all of us are moving into another revolution, namely, the Energy Revolution, while still in the IT Revolution and at the matured stage of Industrial Revolution.

Solar Energy — shall play the major role to answer to all our future energy needs.

As such, from year 2008 we started METTA SOLAR to help our customers then, now & future to become proud owners of Solar PV Systems that will last beyond 21 years*.

* SEDA MALAYSIA / TNB – FiT Contractual years